What we do

Coventry Improv as an umbrella entity has a number of functions. To help distinguish between them we’ve created aliases for each. Check out each of them below and learn about what we, Coventry Improv, get up to.

Full of Beans Logo

Full of Beans

This is Coventry Improv's family friendly format. The improvised content is made suitable for all ages by our fabulous group of performers. We reign in and provide a truly enjoyable event for all the family.

Our Monthly Charity show at Esquires falls under this banner.


The Coventry Improv Team run a weekly open games night in the fun fashion of Potluck! We have names and games in a hat, we'll pull them out at random to allow everyone a change to perform in front of each other.

It's tonnes of fun and a perfect place to meet new people, improve confidence and have a laugh.

More info on our Facebook Event here

Workshop Logo


The Coventry Improv Team provide an array of different workshops; from free open events, paid drop-in sessions, to several week courses. It's an all inclusive environment, and our practitioners have a wide-range of skills and expertise which they can impart.

Keep an eye out for events posted on our social media, calendar, or join our mailing list to hear first about these opportunities.

On Tap Logo

On Tap

This is Coventry Improv's free-for-all format. The improvisers will take on any and absolutely all of your weird and wonderful suggestions.

Have deep dark idea or a scene which you'd like acted out?  It's a strictly 18+ audience when the On Tap crew are out to play.