Meet the Troupe!

Group photo of the Coventry Improv Troupe during the Full of Beans show at the Coventry Comedy Festival


Cassie is the Queen of the Troupe! She is also a talented actress and that shines through on the stage. Never challenge her to a sing-song, because this lovely lady can sing!

Favourite Game: Toy Story

Twitter: @mummy_furey


Nathan Wade also known as “Thor” is a failed Super Hero, Rapper and Politician from Coventry. Currently working in London as a Children’s Residential Worker, he spends most of his time on Trains.

Favourite Game: “TV, Film and Theatre Styles”

Twitter: @natewade87


Rob is an illustrator and theme park geek from Torquay. His primary goal is to take every scene to its weirdest possible outcome, preferably while attempting an accent.

Favourite Game: “New Choice”

Twitter: @robjyeo


Kaz is an actor and writer from Coventry. He’s often the life of the party. Many people would consider him to be captivating. He enjoys a leisurely stroll in the canal. In the actual canal, not along it.

Favourite Game: Lines from a pocket / Sentences

Twitter: @KazSsangha


Shai is an Engineer from Coventry, he has a hard time keeping still and referenced as the energiser bunny. He has a multitude of hobbies and you’ll be surprised how different they are. He’s a keen sports player and you’ll notice that when he flits about the stage.

Favourite Game: Forward Reverse

Twitter: @ShailenT


Leon has so many nicknames he can’t remember them all. In 2008 he was stolen from his life in London by the Belgrade Theatre. He loves to eat (everything), sports; especially basketball and surfing, he hates cold water, cold wind, and ice in his drinks. #NeverWentToUni

Favourite Game: “Guess my age (you’ll never get it)”, “Puppets” and “Russian Dolls”

Twitter: @Pappa_Blue, @LeonBelgrade


Luke is an improvisational and amateur actor with a very quirky personality and an infectious sense of humour. Very patient and with an interest to know at least a little about everything.


Favourite Game: “Emo Date” and “Loc Occ Weap”


Andy is a techy, avid gamer, musician, and a fan of all things weird and wonderful

Favourite Game: New Choice





Rory is objectively the best member of Coventry Improv. Born whenever a child first attempts an American accent, Rory is an invasive species and you’ll just have to live with that.

Favourite Game: Russian Dolls

Twitter: @rorywritesstuff